hey, how do you get yourself to draw so often? I struggle a lot with staying consistent or having a good daily schedule.


I think it helps to train yourself not to require yourself to finish something everyday – rather, just focus on doodling something small or doing a quick study daily of regular everyday objects. even if it’s super messy, you’ve drawn something, and gradually you can get yourself to capture forms/concepts quickly and efficiently (see: kim jung gi’s early vs later works). dedicating a specific block of time to draw is nice, but you’re not limited to those periods to work on your ability necessarily (my margin and napkin doodles can testify to this heh)

it also helps to figure out what you like to draw quickly and mindlessly I guess? of course you should always push yourself outside of your comfort zone, but on slow days or when you’re too busy to keep up a schedule, you might as well work on something that comes easily to you and find fun. my sketchbook is filled to the brim with disembodied hands for example lol

(hope that helps)


I have a little resolution challenge for you, may I share it?


I like to avoid long stories and cut them short or don’t say anything at all, but I’m an honest spirit and I’d just like to take a few minutes to share this very important thing I realized we all should probably work towards for 2016. Something grand, put it on my heart to share this with you.

We are in a new year♡ ! 2016, how awesome it is to have lived another year but how are we doing this new year? In what state did you truthfully enter 2016? Worry? Depression? The next best get rich scheme on your mind?

This 2016, I believe our first and foremost resolution should be to be grounded. If we want to change, if we wanna suceed and be fruitful, we must stand our ground. And our ground is comprised of good morals, a positive attitude and a genuine want to excell that is backed by perseverance.

I’m speaking to the people with gifts, which is quite frankly everyone. Know that if you want to succeed in this new year, you cannot place yourself in positions where you know you will not hold your responsibility. There are some things we can’t do based on how we feel, we HAVE to do them because they are commitments. If you’re going to have ownership of whatever good is in yourself, you gotta have stewardship. Stop owning stuff you’re ill prepared to back.

I can tell you from experience, because I was once here. Sometimes, we promise others things we know we can’t yet do to impress them, and we do it because of a jacked up self esteem that needs constant validation from others in order to like yourself. When we do that, our gifts bring us into a place of exposure, and if your not GROUNDED you’ll use your gifts unconsciously in a manipulative way to try and get people to affirm you…

All because you didn’t get something in the past you think you deserved.

Be thankful for the slow walk folks. Be thankful enough to let something switch you from the speed lanes to the slow road. You don’t want oppertunity suddenly. You want it gradually, so that your mind has time to prepare to keep your good things going!

In the beginning of 2016, we are all given a moment of silence to prepare for the changes that are going to happen on our journeys.

The resolution: No more complaining and grumbling 2k16. Ground yourself. Start from your lowest points, and build upward, UNWAVERINGLY.

This is the year of self love.

Some aliens and trivia/stuff from my world/universe of no tails no heads no bones:

– the first aliens to ever encounter humans were refugees. they observed them and became so terrified by the humans’ average lack of respect towards consent they’ve actually considered fucking off away from humans, (they put a great deal of emphasis on consent, going as far as asking for consent for every little thing, even when trying/planning/wanting to kill someone, putting a request to kill and if the would-be victim consents, they can fight, if not, well, it’s just too bad and shrug it off) but their home planets were too great a wreck and far too distant a place so they’ve waited until humans seemingly wiped themselves outta the planet, thus trying to terraform it to their (the aliens’) needs. unfortunately for the aliens, humans were still very much here, with a little gift to them, in the form of la mierda verde.

– an alien specie that can change their genitals at will with ease. due to their highly chimeric dna, they can have sex and/or reproduce and with any given other intelligent species. they’ve got no concept of gender, nor sex for that matter, nor even sexuality and the good majority of them are pretty much relationship anarchists. as they’re skilled at navigating relationships, they also dangerously excel at any type of negotiations. they’re very curious and their society is based on barter. some see them as nothing more than filth, among these is a cult in particular that seeks their complete annihilation.

– janitors of the universe: bionic squirrels that are a bundle of quantum tech and are the results of “failed” experiments that accidentally escaped from another universe. they’re hunted by their creators, a couple of creatures that took the form of giant crocodiles. as

they’ve their own understanding and grasp on quantum physics and stuff, the janitors squirrels can only be trapped in their stomachs, that are basically big cages existing in an artificial sandbox-type dimension and impervious to quantum phenomenons. they can clone themselves but very rarely do due to the energy that’s needed. they have a hive mind and somehow believe they’ve burdened themselves to observe important events in the universe, which they do, as they can travel anywhere and anywhen they want. they will go to any lengths to maintain the integrity and status quo of what they call the Formula (basically what created and now currently “calculates” the multiverse) they’re a very shy bunch and

do their utmost to be inconspicuous and discreet while observing the world unfolds. their apparition is rumored to be preceded by a big ‘H!’ and is said to be the harbinger of bad things, which is also said they sometimes try to fix, only to fail. (in lot of cases) catastrophically so.


oh wait, that’s it:

living thing dies => corpses are captured by government or something similar => corpses are “officially treated” => bodies are then dumped in the sea of mist/misty ocean => bodies are “eaten” (more like gnawed at in reality but, ya know, propaganda and stuff happens) by big gross

gummy-looking stuffies (human sized) => the big gross gummy-looking stuffies leave a good chunk of the body, except for guts, brains, bone marrow, blood and tails => the rest of the body who is left, mostly bone and muscle, is full of newly-added fluids and proteins => the bodies, along the stuffies’ shit and saliva, are then scrapped off the earth by machines to be reworked and finally used as base food. the irony is that it’s sold to everyone with only the packaging changing (marketing and all that)

as for untreated bodies (bodies who are dumped by not-so-scrupulous people or from accidental dumps, ect) the big gross

gummy-looking stuffies can’t “eat” (rather gnaw) the guts and some other stuff that get stuck into them, and so there are people, called ak’lous, who descend illegally (on the same things used by the machines) to kill them and recuperate the guts with the express aim to dry and ultimately sell them but it is a dangerous job, as the stuffies become pupa and giant butterflies with razor-sharp-killing wings and there is no set season for them. some ak’lous get very lucky and never encounter them in butterfly form, while others, well…

(these dried guts are basically the money of the black market, but also the general economy ‘cause hella corruption, corporate mafia or equivalent in every strata of society, and there are different qualities too and can be used for extra luxurious spices and foods)

to lie with Miss T or to meet Miss T?


I’m having trouble with an expression that belongs to my world, “no tails no heads no bones”. “to meet Miss T” was what I found best at first but I’m having second thoughts. It’s a play on words, since it’s a world covered by mists/a sea of mists/a misty sea (mer des brumes in french) and all corpses must be dumped in it to rot/decompose and, well, let’s say some people aren’t scrupulous as to how alive the “corpses” actually are so it’s also meant to be used as an euphemism to death/meet death. plus, Mâ, a minor common goddess found in an ancient religion, who’s associated with death and is rumored to live at the bottom of the sea, is in fact said Miss T.

so which sounds better: to lie with Miss T or to meet Miss T?