ok last post im gonna make abt this cuz a lot of ppl r confused whats going on and its summer so i have time 2 mess around on tumblr. 

basically, this started when an international tribunal (fancy word 4 court) ruled that chinas claims to the south china sea had no legal basis and were invalid. this case was filed by the philippines back in 2013 bc china was doing all kinds of stuff in the sea bc they claimed the territory was their own. u can read more about it here. 

anyways, this sparked a wave of rly intense chinese nationalism which ofc started on weibo and began the hashtag #中国一点都不能少 (left pic) which roughly translates to “china, not a single bit can be left out” and its been circulating w/ this image of a map of china that has a line drawn around the south china sea, along w/ taiwan in the picture. 

almost every mainland chinese celebrity has been posting this hashtag as well (everybody….angelababy, fan bingbing, huang xiaoming, lu han, zitao, yixing, victoria, lin yun, yang mi, etc etc etc) and its also led to really really REALLY gross comments about vietnamese and philippinx people specifically, from mainland china on social media. 

so thats what the situation is and u should hold ur favs accountable for posting this bc the harm its done to southeast asian ppl in particular is disgusting and shameful. esp celebs like victoria who have posted it on instagram, which is blocked in china and how she communicates w/ her non-chinese fans. shes getting praised for it on weibo (right pic). 

its also important to remember that chinese celebrities do not hold the same agency and public clout that us celebrities do, and they basically cant speak out against mainstream opinions even if they hold different views themselves. so keep that in mind too, bc its very easy to view this from an ethnocentric pov, me included. ok thats it thats the deal. we need to talk about chinese imperialism is the main point 

for ppl who are wondering about the political situation between china and southeastern countries rn!

this is mostly being brought to light due to how visible idols are, specifically kpop idols who are ethnically chinese. as public figures it’s good to be critical of a celebrity’s actions but please don’t let it overtake the focus of the discussion. there are extremely racist images and comments that are being circulated that target vietnamese and filipinx people. the mistreatment of se asians should not be only discussed in conjunction with what an idol may/may not be supporting, bc it feels like we are being talked over when we are the ones being relentlessly attacked 

as iris (the OP) and i have talked about in our PMs, historically there has been an imbalance of visibility and political power in favor of east asian countries over se asian countries. having the south sea issue derailed to conversations about calling out idols and seeing who will fck up next for expressing nationalist support feeds into se asians being overlooked

also wanted to add that while many east / southeast asian countries have been victims of chinese imperialism, historically and in modern times they have been treated differently (japan and korea have always been viewed as having a “higher status” than their southeast asian counterparts) and regarding this case specifically, the conversation should be centered around southeast asian voices. i understand that bringing up chinese imperialism as a general topic invites discussion from all different ethnicities / perspectives, but for the current situation it’s important that we focus on southeast asian (particularly philippinx, vietnamese, malaysian, and bruneian) points of view. 


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