don’t agree with what he did, but understand y he did it

don’t believe he even did it. they had no problem framing an innocent black man of the crime beforehand, tweeting out he’s the “suspect” when social media cleared his name 10 mins later w a video of him walking around confused after shots rang out. also, having him on video turning in his gun. that tweet is still up on Dallas PD’s Twitter page. to me, calling him a suspect with no solid evidence except for the fact that he was walking around w a gun in an open carry state meant that even if it wasn’t him, it was going to be someone like him, someone who looked like him. then, it was easy to pin it on another black man. a black man who has pictures in dashikis and a black power fist (“typical” of an activist) and ex military so the skill set would match. might I add the word play Micah X (“Malcolm X”) was a nice touch @fbi. this man is dead and somehow only confessed to the police that he was alone and what his intentions on doing it. we don’t know anything expect what they told us he said. it seems all too perfect. I just find it odd how they said it was one black man to multiple snipers, to another black man. Protestors who were there say that there were shots fired from above and it was shots coming from a police car (person who claimed it was coming from a police car is now deactivated). if y’all don’t think this is a ploy to stop the BLM movement then I don’t know what to tell you. you could have tricked us before COINTERPRO but we’re watching now.


I can understand why people thought the shots were coming from a police car, that’s an easy mistake. But for the police to think there were multiple shooters shooting from two different directions, and only end up with one suspect? That’s suspect. They ought to have provided a prompt explanation to the public.

Not to mention that any search of info on there being multiple shooters comes up blank…

I’m not saying the Dallas PD is directly involved in something, but remember the last time there was a “lone shooter” in Dallas that got killed before he could go to trial, the CIA was involved and the assassinated person was JFK

My cousin posted that yesterday. Dude didn’t have a digital imprint until mid morning yesterday. Meaning not only did he not have any social media. He didn’t exist as a person… you know how hard that is. No record of any kind housing. School. He was in the army and nothing. Shit ain’t adding up. Plus you not gonna confuse snipers from elevated positions with a shooter on the ground. No there is no body… 😒

Oh okay 

LET’S TALK ABOUT IT! yall.. people have been appearing and disappearing off social media it’s crazy. They took down Castile’s gf’s page so that the video wouldn’t spread but it was too late for that. And i doubt the twitter user I was talking about earlier (@QueenVeeBow2me which is now deactivated) confused the situation. Here’s some of her tweets “Whoever the shooter was drove up in a cop car turned on the sidewalk and lit that hoe up I was literally 2 feet away from that shit” “@shOoObz it wasn’t no damn sniper I was two feet away whoever it was was in a cop car and sprayed the side walk” “Yall it had to be more than one shooter no way all them shots came from one person” Also multiple instagram pages have been popping up using Micah’s full name (as if people do that on ig) having thousands of followers but no posts. Common sense tells you they’re fake but I wouldn’t be surprised if the media used one as if it was actually him. 

I did find it weird all the cops were saying the fire was coming from above but the video of him is on the ground immediately after the first shots. If you listen to the gunshots there’s more than one caliber of gun being fired. There’s no way he did this alone. If he even did do it.

This is super wild. I don’t want to believe it but this is exactly the type of shit the government does. They do this shit


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