Unknown Lands characters

First 11 from this OC meme on Twitter. Non-main characters, some of whom we’ve met already.

Mirien – A centuries old elven sorceress and researcher with undying curiosity and strong morals.
Siv – Unknown witch matriarch, raised Mischief and Inara. Loves you already but will not have your shit.
Kyn – raider ship captain and Vard’s older sister. Does not trust mages. Will shoot you first.
Nocktress – ancient witch of the north. Tired of the world’s crap. Has been playing nice for too long.
Kalma – nope. Just nope. Nope nope nope.
Tuimar – elven sorcerer who’s been alive a couple centuries too long. Should be remedied. Bit of a fanatic.
Key – one of Ina’s guardians. Knows how to piss off Mischief and is thus invincible and also Vard’s hero.
Lintu – Unknown scribe and Ina’s sorta girlfriend. Tells her secrets the crummy elders won’t give up.
Kielo – rölli, herbalist and Marya’s wife. Perpetually covered in dirt. Eternal optimist.
Tytti – immortal gatekeeper to the underworld. Tired of living people wanting to visit the underworld.
Mana – ruler of Manala, deity of the underworld.


Forgot to add these two months back!

– bringer of death and disease. Not much of a talker.

– elven royalty. Really not a fan of the Unknowns, especially this young punk of a Champion


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