This comic is for you all whose English is a second language for you. ❤


I have read a *lot* of fics and comics by people whose first language isn’t English and omg it’s always so good! Please don’t let the language barrier stop you! Many of you are so much better at English than you realize! Pretty please continue to create and share and hell, do it in your native tongue! Some of us English speakers can deal with learning a new language now and then ^_-

There is nothing better than a good story, and if you have a good story inside you don’t let it stay there. 

Language may seem like a large barrier to overcome but it truly isn’t in this day and age. At the worst, a good story will allow your readers to overlook some grammar/spelling/etc errors. At best you have a world full of people to help you! Find a group of writers to hang out with; people with whom you can discuss ideas and share your drafts with to work out those small errors. I am a %100 native English speaker and the lovely group of people I hang out with are INVALUABLE to me…not only as another few pairs of eyes to look over my work before I get it out (and man do I need it), but also for the companionship and encouragement I sorely need to not lose confidence and motivation.

Whatever you do DONT GIVE UP! Creating a good story is always worth the struggle, no matter WHAT that personal struggle is. =-3

This really made me happy right now. English is not my native language and I am always scared to express myself in english because I don’t wanna mess things up or I am scared that people won’t understand what I am trying to say…
And then having these two great and inspiring people saying such nice words
(I am sorry, but I just love their work and waaaah… ///3)
Thanks for the motivation you two!

Aww you guys thanks so much for adding lovely words to my post. <333 (and I read tags- thank you everyone for so much love. Glad to know I’m not the only one ahhh)


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